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...mystery stewardship...(9)


I heard a joke that you may appreciate (or not)...

We all know that we can thank monks who, for thousands of years, were the ones to copy various documents, the Bible, etc. and transfer the knowledge for the future generations.

Well, one day a monk who had been copying a document so many times, went to the abbot and asked:

- Abbot, I have been copying this document for so many years, but then I started to wonder, what if the original is wrong???

The abbot thought for a second and very politely replied:

- Look, we have been doing this for thousands of years, I can assure you the system works, so you can go to your desk and continue with what you are working on.

So did the monk. The next morning however he heard this banging sound from somewhere. He stood up and started to walk around to see from where this sound was coming. It lead him to the basement where all the originals have been kept. He saw the abbot banging his head on the table crying. He asked:

- Abbot, why are you doing this...


- The word was "CELEBRATE"...

This is good!

Especially because celibacy is not required by the Bible (though it is discussed and presented as a higher way, but not for everybody!). I'm amazed at how clear the Bible is on all questions, and people have a hard time understanding it.

As someone said: it's not will-power people lack, but won't power.
And neither is monastical life of any help. The evil is inside, you can't get away from it, wherever you go, it's right there with you. Someone else said that even the most wonderful prayer of the most holy man contains so much sin, it would be enough to damn ten thousand worlds. God is really holy, and it's crazy to think that we're still alive, in spite of His holynes. There must be another character trait He has that keeps him from burning us up instantly.

Grace to you! (www.gty.org, remember? Pick an interesting sermon, and listen to it.)

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